About us

Once you start reading nutrition and supplement labels it becomes a habit.  That's exactly the spark that ignited a passion for better ingredients at correct dosages for athletes and serious gym goers alike.  If you take your nutrition seriously, why wouldn't you take your supplementation seriously?  

Meticulously formulated in house, the ingredients had to be worthy for the NorthBound crew themselves to drink.  After about a year of testing, the launch finally happened...and here we stand today with fully transparent products with quality ingredients at clinically proven dosages.

We are dedicated to providing quality to our customers, while spreading knowledge about how important it is to really read and understand your labels.  We drink our own products, use our own athletes as models and lead very active lifestyles.  Truly dedicated to consumers, we only hope that one day the industry will have better standards with quality as a focus rather than marketing campaigns centered around the latest gimmick. 

Take a look at our labels below as they speak for themselves.  Still have questions or need further convincing?  Visit our clinical studies to read more!