RE-PEAK™ Clinical Studies

You put in the work at the gym, the least we can do is provide your body with a solid nutrient dense supplement for when you're done.

RE-PEAK™ was formulated knowing that you work your tail off at the gym, and the last thing you want to do is fuel your body improperly during the optimal post-workout window.  We made sure our post-workout is packed with full dosages of the ingredients your body needs for protein synthesis and recovery, without fillers.  If you're giving your all in the gym, you should be giving your body all it needs right after.  Let us explain the formula of RE-PEAK™ and the studies that back our ingredient choices.


As with the other products RE-PEAK™ is also categorized into blend formulas in order to better help you understand what ingredients provide what qualities to the overall product.  Each and every blend contributes to RE-PEAK™, no fillers, no junk, only ingredients your body will benefit from immediately after your workout.

First up, the Power Blend, stacked with the tried and true ingredients that you expect to see, however they are fully dosed.  You won't find us taking shortcuts in our formulas, we're with you through your journey.

L-LEUCINE (5g) -  One of the three branched chain amino acids, l-leucine helps regulate protein synthesis (building muscle) by decreasing the rate at which your muscle breaks down.  If your trying to build lean muscle mass, this is a must have. The clinically studied dosage is 3g-5g, RE-PEAK™ sitting at 5g...a full serving.

Also proven to aid in protein synthesis in elderly men who do not workout (case 1, below) l-leucine is a winner for everyone. 

In case 2 below, a study by Molecular Nutrition and Food Research demonstrates myofibrillar accretion in skeletal muscle following leucine supplementation, and suggests this involves pre-translational control of MyHC expression by leucine.

Leucine has also shown results to suggest that it can aid in strength enhancement during resistance training (case 3, below).


CREATINE MONOHYDRATE (5g) - We are bringing another 5 full grams of creatine your way with RE-PEAK™.  Just as with PINNACLE, we have studies to back the proven ingredient that has earned such a great reputation. Why does it work in a post-workout supplement? After a workout your body is primed for nutrient intake due to the depletion from exertion.  This still works best if taken in addition to our PINNACLE™ pre-workout, as then you are getting over 8 full grams of pure creatine monohydrate between them.  The dosages proven effective for creatine monohydrate range from .3 grams per kilogram of body weight (loading phase) to .03 grams per kilogram of body weight (maintenance phase). 

In the first case study below, there was proven evidence that muscle strength and weight lifting were improved with the supplementation of creatine monohydrate. In Case 2 (below), elite Brazilian soccer players were tested for lower limb muscle power after progressive training.  The findings showed that supplementation of creatine monohydrate prevented the decrease of lower limb muscle power after such training.  

This study (below) by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning research/National Strength and Conditioning Association measured how creatine supplementation effected critical power and anaerobic working capacity on college-aged men. What they found was supplementation with creatine may enhance the effects of HIIT and on endurance performance changes.

BETAINE ANHYDROUS (2.5g) - You may notice this as another repeat ingredient here in RE-PEAK™.  How does this help your body coming into play after your workout? The proven research that has recognized the potential for betaine to aid in protein synthesis for muscle growth makes it a no brainer as a post-workout ingredient. Clinically proven dosages range from 1.25g to 2.5g, RE-PEAK™ being dosed at 2.5g.  

In a study by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition betaine anhydrous not only improved muscle strength of those tested, but also the form. 

In another double-blind study findings were similar.  That supplementing with betaine anhydrous resulted in an increase in total repetitions as well as volume load during a bench press exercise (case 2, below).

After a two week study, the European Journal of Applied Physiology  found that betaine supplementation enhanced the anabolic endocrine profile and the corresponding anabolic signaling environment.  This suggests that there was increased protein synthesis.

What good would a post-workout product be without some ingredients to aid in recovery?  The answer is...not very.  So we went ahead and put some fully dosed punches of l-glutamine and Carnipure® l-carnitine tartrate.

L-GLUTAMINE (5g) - When depleted after a strenuous workout, your muscles need nitrogen to inhibit breakdown.  The main transporter of nitrogen to your muscles is glutamine.  The benefits of glutamine don't stop there.  You can also expect to see aid in metabolizing fat, muscle growth and even your digestive and immune systems will benefit from it.  Clinically tested, effective doses range from 70mg per kilogram of body weight to 500mg per kilogram of body weight, RE-PEAK™ coming in at 5g.

Runners were put to the test, supplemented glutamine after prolonged, exhaustive exercise.  The evidence concluded that glutamine appeared to have a beneficial effect on the incidence of infections reported by runners after a marathon (case 1, below).

In a similar study (case 2, below), a link found physical activity directly affects the availability of glutamine to the leucocytes and thus may influence immune function.

CARNIPURE® L-CARNITINE TARTRATE  (2g) - It's been around for awhile and for good reason.  From fat loss, muscle strength, heart health, to immune system and brain functions...carnitine tartrate is one of those ingredients just provides a mega punch of nutrition for your body.  Effective doses range from 1g-2g, we went ahead and packed RE-PEAK™ with the full 2g.

Tested using squats, case 1 (below) provided a 41-45% difference in muscle disruption from test subjects supplementing with l-carnitine tartrate (2g/day for 3 weeks) vs. the placebo.  This indicates the effectiveness in assisting recovery. 

In case 2 (below) it is proposed that enhanced oxygen consumption mediated the reduced muscle oxygenation during the trial where participants consumed 2g/day of l-carnitine tartrate. Enhanced oxygen consumption would explain why hypoxic stress was attenuated with supplementation

Since muscle repair is one of the main features of a post-workout, you should take a minute to read this next study (case 3, below). The findings in this study support that supplementing with l-carnitine tartrate can reduce exercise induced chemical tissue damage and aid in muscle recovery...which means muscle growth!

When you go on a caloric restrictive diet, it is suggested (case 4, below) that l-carnitine tartrate improves insulin resistance.  Which if you're insulin sensitive, this could help you target fat loss. 

Since your body is in a great state of absorption immediately after a workout, it is a great time to throw in some antioxidants to help fight possibly damaging free radicals. So up next, the explanation and case studies behind our antioxidant choices.

SPIRULINA (2g) - Responsible for the dark green color of RE-PEAK™, spirulina is considered a green superfood.  The proven benefits of this ingredient is a long list of everything from fighting free radicals to improving digestive issues and as case 1 (below) suggests, even proven to increase muscle strength when used in conjunction with training. The clinically studied dosages of spirulina range from 2g-10g, RE-PEAK™ containing 2g.

In case 2 below, spirulina supplementation was proven at a dose of 1 g daily to have powerful hypolipidemic effects.

According to the Journal of Medicinal Food, the supplementation of spirulina can also aid in controlling blood glucose levels for those with type 2 diabetes.  

SPECTRA™ TOTAL ORAC (100mg) - We also provided an extra dose of Spectra™ in RE-PEAK to give your body an extra dose of antioxidants while it is prone to breakdown, fighting the dangerous free radicals that can be brought on from exercise. Again, as case 1 by Food and Science Nutrition (below) suggests: "Unique activity of SPECTRA™ suggests potential for the use of the supplement in modulation of oxidative stress, NO bioavailability, inflammatory response, blood glucose levels, and ultimately supporting “optimal health.”"  Also, proven in case 2 (below), to reduce free radicals in people after consuming Spectra™. The clinically tested and proven dose of SPECTRA™ is 100mg, with RE-PEAK™ being dosed at 100mg.

We have another full dose of Bioperine®, to aid in the absorption of every know because we don't use junk or fillers! 


BIOPERINE® (Black Pepper Extract) (5mg) -A popular ingredient, and for good reason.  Bioperine® has been used to enhance bioavailability for decades and was found to enhance absorption of nutrients by at least 30%.  That's pretty substantial. The clinically proven dosage is 5mg, PINNACLE™ containing 5mg.

In Case 1 you can read how piperine, an alkaloid derived from black pepper, increases serum response of β-carotene during 14 days of oral β-carotene supplementation.

Piperine has been tested for bioavailiability when combined with curcumin.  Curcumin alone has poor bioavailability.  Combining it with piperine there is found to be a 154% increase in bioavailability (case 2, below).

In a separate double-blind study by the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, piperine that was at least 98% pure was used to evaluate the plasma levels of the coenzyme Q10 after being supplemented orally (case 3, below).

Curious about how piperine can enhance the bioavailability of resveratrol?  Read case 4 below.