3 Tips (More like MUST DOs) to Meet your Health & Fitness Goals

It's been a bit since we've left any information here, but we're back at it.  Good news is that behind the scenes not much has changed.  Same fitness and nutrition gurus that just live for helping people activate the best version of themselves.

1.  Plan Ahead
Whether you're trying to gain muscle, slim down, or just feel better.  Planning ahead takes the guess work out of whether you will put in the time toward accomplishing your goal(s).  Mark it in your calendar, schedule it as a date with yourself, or just make it a necessity like going to work. 

Your mind may be going straight to gym time...but that's really only part of it.  Time spent in the kitchen is equally, if not more important.  Schedule a block of time to cook your food for the next few days or so.  Then plan to eat said food.  Take it with you.  Really, keep a lunch box on you and anywhere you go take some food.  By planning ahead, you can make better choices when you get hangry.

2.  Make It a Priority
When it comes down to it, the decision is that simple.  Either it's a priority in your life or it's not.  Out of time?  Got kids?  Too many things on your plate?  Working late?  We understand.  We've been there.  We are there.  We get you.  While step 1 is to make a plan, step 2 means at some point in time you'll have to be flexible when the plan is missed and make it a priority to either pick right back up tomorrow or shuffle things around to be able to get in your exercise and/or cooking.  Simple choice, your health and/or fitness goal(s) is either a priority in your life, or it's not.  Not easy, but simple.

3.  Surround Yourself with Those You Aspire to Be Like
Not a popular tip, but probably the most important and overlooked one.  This really goes for anything in life, especially in the health and fitness segment of your life.  Your wellness journey will be much more challenging if you continue to surround yourself with those who do not value healthier eating habits or getting in some physical movement for the day.  It's far easier to accomplish goals when surrounded by people with a similar mindset or those who value the same aspect of well being.  This one may take a little more work to accomplish, but you'll start feeling everything click into place when you finally do.

Have some specific tips you want to hear?  Just leave us a comment below!

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