Look For Sugar in These Sneaky Places.

Sugar is a major problem.  Hands down, it causes more issues for a majority of society than just about any other food or ingredient.  I mean, don't get us wrong we understand why.  It's just so dang good.  There are the obvious places that sugar resides, and we all know it.  Cakes, pies, cookies, milkshakes, sweet tea, coke and the list goes on.  However, there are a lot of places that sugar sneaks in and most people never even think to look at the ingredients.  That's what we want to mention today.  It's always a good idea to read the ingredient list of a product you're looking to purchase, you may be surprised.

1.  Yogurt
Flavored yogurt.  Is it one of the first things that comes to mind when you think you want to lose weight?  You may be shocked to see how much sugar lies in the flavored versions.  Most yogurt in general contains sugar, but those little flavored versions have a lot of added sugar.  Do what you'd like, but we prefer to just mix a scoop of protein with unflavored, fat free Greek yogurt.  

2.  Spices & Seasonings
They're fun aren't they?  Those various seasoning mixes that are already combined and ready to put on your meats and veggies.  Just asking to go in your spice cabinet.  Plus, they make food taste so good!  Well, that may be because a large amount of them have sugar (and not just a little) added to the mix.  This may read as cane sugar, sugar, brown sugar, organic sugar...sugar is sugar.  You can justify it as organic if you'd like but don't call us when you're not meeting your goals.  Just read the labels and see what's hiding in your mixed seasonings.

3.  Sauces & Dressings
This one may not surprise you as much.  You may forget about it though.  Most of your sauces, including pasta or ketchup etc. contain added sugar (aside from the sugar in tomatoes).  Same with dressings that you want to drown that salad with.  We get it, but just want to remind you that there are options out there to look for that don't have added sugar.  Reading the labels will help you find those better options and stick closer to your goals.

4.  Drinks
Another one that may not be as shocking, but a reminder none the less.  Lemonade, sweet tea, milk, lattes, creamer, coke (pop, soda), alcohol...sugar hides in most.  You may be shocked at the amount that hides in them though.  The average 20 oz. bottle of lemonade - 67 grams of sugar, well over what you should have in an entire day much less 1 drink.  So just think before you drink.  Water is king, beyond that use judgement of what goes into your liquids. 

Sugar is a cheap and easy ingredient that makes products taste better.  So if you find yourself reaching for something, just read the label first.  You may have no idea that your favorite seasonings are secretly sabotaging your health goals.

We never add sugar to our powder supplements. We watch our own sugar intake closely and would like to offer everyone products with no worries about added sugar.  Simply here to support health, remember we drink and take our own products.  We will always have you in mind!  Rock on, friends.


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