5 Fun Ways to Stay Active this Fall


With temperatures across (most) of the country starting to drop and the fall atmosphere abundant, it is easy to get comfortable with settling into a nice cozy position on the couch curled up watching movies and drinking cider.  However, that won't do much for you mentally or physically.  We like to emphasize that being active is not just about hitting the gym for an hour a day, or training for a few events a year.  Instead, it is a complete mindset - which by the way makes training that much easier.  Being fit is more about staying active, and enjoying activities that may take some physical work to complete. 

If you consider yourself extremely active, or just an go-go-go person you may want to skip this.  But, if you are looking for ideas to add a little extra activity to your life along with some fun as the seasons change...keep reading.


Now, when we say pumpkin patch, we aren't talking about going to the cardboard box at your nearest Wal-Mart.  We are referring to the pumpkin patches that are more like a fall activity haven.  Depending on what region you live in, there is one most likely within a 30-45 minute drive from your house.  If you live way out in the middle of nowhere then we assume you probably are already getting an abundant amount of exercise from your farm labor.  

These types of pumpkin patches are typically spread over a pretty good size amount of land.  Many have corn mazes, slides, apple picking, and a slew of other activities.  You will most likely have a harder time finding something you would not enjoy during a visit.  However if you are really looking to up the ante and get the most exercise while you're there we do have some tips:

  • Go up and down as many rows as possible looking for that perfect pumpkin.  Make your way all the way to the back of the patch, and if time allows wind back through, picking your pumpkin on the second time through.  
  • Try to complete as many activities as possible while there.  Chances are you will not only have a blast making memories, but will burn even more calories while doing so!
  • Carry your pumpkin around as long as you possibly can.  Remember to lift it up using your legs, not your back.  Other than that carry that sucker around, setting it down only when needed.
  • If there is a corn maze, set a goal time to make it through and try to beat it!  This will keep you moving at a brisk pace.
  • Above all else - HAVE FUN!  If you're enjoying your time you won't even think about all of the work your muscles are getting and before you know it you'll be going home.



We opted for this over the fairly typical hike.  Yes, hiking is fun.  Yes, it is great exercise...we just opted to give you a new idea for viewing fall color in a pretty setting.  What else is great about paddle boating?  Working those legs!!  Most people hate working their legs (so sad) but nevertheless this is a fun way to work those trunks this fall while taking in all the fall scenery has to offer.  

If you enjoy photography take along your camera and we bet you can get some awesome shots!  While you're at it we have some more tips if you are looking to get the most out of your activity.

  • Go for short "sprints" - paddle as fast as you can for x distance.  Then slowly paddle for same distance.  Repeat 10 times and you'll probably get a pretty good burn going.  You may want to save this until the end of you trip, just in case you wear your legs out real good.
  • If you are with a group that has multiple paddle boats out - RACE!  This is extremely fun but also makes you work a lot harder than if you were racing yourself.
  • Depending on the size of the pond or lake you are at try to get x amount of laps around it before it is time to go.  You'll want to determine this ahead of time so that your mind doesn't get the best of you when you start to tire.
  • And above all again - HAVE FUN!  Try to do a figure 8, fish if you enjoy it and is permitted, snap photos or make up your own games for fun!



This is the perfect option for those of you who are suckers for scary movies.  Instead of vegging on the couch for hours or days at a time watching them, just pick a couple to scatter around so that the couch does not suck you in.  Then you can enjoy another variety of haunted attractions as well!  We left this one kind of broad, because some of you may love the idea of heading to your nearest fright fest at an amusement park while some of your stomachs are already churning thinking about roller coasters.  You could go to a haunted house, amusement park haunted night, haunted parks etc.  Just check locally to you and we are sure you will find something good.

What does every single haunted attraction have in common?  Walking.  Lots and lots of walking.  That equals more calories burning, and if you pack yourself healthy alternatives to the fair type food then you will be doing even better to stay on top of owning your lifestyle.  We have listed a few tips below to get even more out of your scary trip, not too many though since you will be on your feet and moving most of the time anyways.

  • Try briskly walking from one activity or area to another.  Once you reach the destination you will be able to stand still or slow down.  This will get your heart rate up at various points throughout your visit.
  • This one has less to do with the activity and more to do with the food.  We recommend packing your own food.  You not only will save money but will also save some calories for the day.  While all the delicious smells may be tempting stick to your guns and if you absolutely insist on eating the "fair food"...try to narrow it down to just one item and get the smallest size portion.  You'll thank yourself the next day, we promise.
  • If the establishment has an option of where to park then you should definitely park at the back.  We almost always follow this rule unless absolutely necessary to park up front.  It is a very easy way to get in some extra exercise without a ton of extra hassle.  Plus, there are probably a lot more people be it sick, injured or older that probably need those front spots more than you.  Be kind and just walk it.



Some of you are loving the idea of this already, while feel the sighs and eye rolls happening among others.  This is one of those things you will either love the idea of and not think twice about doing or will steer clear of (in this case skip to number ).

What is it about throwing a party that can help you stay active?  Well if you go all out there will be a lot of decorating.  What comes with decorating? Movement.  And a lot of it.  There will be climbing, crawling, walking, running, reaching, carrying and the list goes on.  Plus there is an added bonus to throwing your own party versus attending one: you control the food.  That is a big deal!  Anyways, we have some extra tips below if you want to get the most bang for your physical buck through the process.

  • Try to have as many hanging decorations as possible.  As long as you are able to safely climb a ladder, this will have you working out your upper and lower limbs.  Up and down ladders as well as holding your arms up and pinning things up.
  • Move some furniture around.  Sounds like a pain huh?  Well, it is.  But that pain will also be a great way for you to get some extra exercise plus a quick change of scenery for a bit.  Make sure when lifting and pushing you do it with your legs and not back.  
  • Plan activities for the day/night.  This will keep you and your guests moving throughout the party rather than slumping onto your rears for the night.
  • Probably the most important tip is about your food preparations and choices.  Keep in mind almost any party will have people mixed in that loathe the thought of "healthy" food (everyone has a different definition of this).  So in order to please everyone while keeping your best interests in mind we suggest having a good mix of your healthy choices along with some of the more standard party foods.  Some things you can do to keep it as lean as possible - grill the meats, have an array of fruit and veggie trays and of course tons of water easily accessible. 


Rollerblading, Jogging, Football, Hiking...any of these activities (and more) are great exercise!  Combine that with the cool and crisp fall weather and you're looking at a more comfortable atmosphere where you will last much longer.  Make sure you bring enough water to stay hydrated, even when temperatures drop water is still essential to your body.  Our only tips on this one is pick any activity you enjoy...and go enjoy it!  We have listed some extra ideas before, just in case some had slipped your mind.

  • Rollerblading
  • Skateboarding
  • Football
  • Hiking
  • Jogging/Running
  • Jump on a Trampoline
  • Rake Leaves...AND JUMP IN THEM!
  • Complete a competitive run or obstacle
  • Ride a bike
  • Go horseback riding
  • Play some volleyball
  • Jump Rope

We could list activities all day, but you get the idea.  Anything that makes you move and you enjoy is a good idea.



Well, if you're looking for some extra energy to keep you going through your fun fall adventures, we happen to know where you can find a quality drink to help.  Check out our BLEND Cognitive Energy and you'll be able to keep up without any jitters, crash or headache.  Plus you'll be able to remember where you parked!  

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