6 Images to Get you MOTIVATED.


Well chances are your guns would be looking and feeling a whole lot better come January!

However, we do know that it can be easier said than done.  The odds are not stacked in your favor.  Most professions demand much more in the month of December, whether for closing year end deals, selling retail items or just playing Santa!  Top that with higher demands from family festive fun - you're looking at less time for you to get to the gym and meal prep.  Not to mention all the parties and junk food - EVERYWHERE!  If there has ever been a doubt in your mind about staying fit it will be tested this month.  Period.

With that being said, we do believe that you have the capacity to overcome all obstacles and odds. So, we are providing you some images for you to use as motivation in any way you see fit.  Please feel free to share on social media, pin to Pinterest or even screenshot and save on your personal device.  Even the best of us need some extra help every now and then.



You have much more potential than you think you do, but you'll only get there by focusing on where you're at and the realistic steps to get there.    So instead of focusing on all the weight you can't lift, focus on what you can lift (or do physically).

Say you have an injury, and can't workout for several weeks  - or months.  Well that sucks, but guess what you can do?  Control your nutrition.  This will keep you much closer to your goals when you are able to workout again.  There is always something that you can do, start there.

By keeping the focus on your goals and potential you can guarantee that you will be able to accomplish so much more than sitting on your ass and focusing on all that you can't do.  FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN DO.  Not sure how many more times this needs repeating.



Why do you spend so much time on picking outfits that make you look good.  Shouldn't you be focused on making your outfit look good instead?!  When you feel good, you look good.  Do you feel good being a couch potato?  We sure don't.  If you do, then more power to you. But for the rest of us that means we need to get moving.

When you make the switch in focus, not only do you feel better but you start saving money!  We all love to save money.  This happens because you tend to quit spending your focus on finding clothes that fit you a certain way to hide your flaws, because - what flaws?!

Make sexy your goal and every aspect of your life will thank you.  



You know when you're making excuses.  Don't kid yourself.  You have priorities and goals, if you don't want to actually work out or eat right then don't.  But don't come up with the same laundry list of excuses as everyone else.  MAKING EXCUSES BURNS ZERO CALORIES.  Be real with yourself and you can be realistic in your goals.

Take your "excuses" and flip the tables - they now become attainable goals.  For example:  everyone's favorite, I"M TOO BUSY.  Now becomes, I have 10 minutes I spend on the couch before dinner - I can do 10 minutes worth of HIIT.  Once you start realizing you can fill in small voids of time, you are now conquering and winning! Start to turn the excuses around one by one and soon you will have mountains of changes you conquered one at a time.

What are you waiting on?  Start now!



There are a whole lot of people that confuse the two.  If you're in motion then you must be taking action, right?  NOPE.  Not even close.  Going through the motion may get you a little further than you were, but without action you will still fall short of your goals.

Just going through the motion never makes you accountable for your failures, and you will more than likely fall short of many successes that could've been yours.  Don't just show up, apply yourself.  That means lifting the weight you know you can.  Running those sprints to your absolute max. Showing up for yourself rather than others. And for god-sake, make every last rep count.

Always choose action.



If you're thinking only in the moment then you're thinking too small.  You need to think about your future self.  What is it you are working so hard to attain?  Take the steps needed to get there, but stay focused on the future goal.  That will be what truly gets you through the hard times. 

This applies to the kitchen as well.  That pint of ice cream might taste really good right now, but chances are the guilt will hit you tomorrow...if not right after you finish it.  When you think about your future self while eating it all of a sudden becomes much more manageable to stick with your nutrition plan.  And you have a plan, right?

Make your future self proud.  You can, so do it.



You do know that working out raises serotonin levels, right?  Well if you didn't, you do now.  So when shit hits the fan, hit the gym.  Not only will you feel better when you're done but everyone around you will feel better too.  


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