Are You Counting Steps? Why That's Probably the Least of Your Worries

We don't count steps.  This is our opinion, but hear us out...

There are a lot of great things about fitness watches, and there are a lot of them out there.  If you need a jump start to remember to workout or to keep track of your food for a bit, then by all means go ahead and use the watch.  We are just giving you our point of view and what has worked for us, which is a bit against the majority.  We're okay with that.

If you're down to counting your steps, you're probably not standing back and looking at the overall picture.  Focus on enjoying the steps you're taking through life instead of just taking steps for the sake of it.  If you enjoy hiking with your pups then do it just for the pleasure of it, enjoy the exercise instead of giving yourself one more thing to drive yourself crazy over.  

We created this company to make supplements to support a fun and active lifestyle.  If we are wearing a watch around all day and stressing about the exact steps we take everyday, that sounds very anti fun.  We'd rather just enjoy hiking, kayaking, climbing, running, swimming or in general any activity that we aren't staring at yet another device.

Our two cents is to leave the watch at home for a few days and just make a habit of enjoying getting some sunshine and doing something physically exerting but fun versus heading to the couch with a bowl of popcorn.  If you change the way you look at your steps and learn to enjoy them then you won't even miss that watch.  Just give it a try!

The same can be said for nutrition, instead of nickel and diming your macros...find ways to enjoy the healthier options.   There are plenty of ways to have a lot of fun with better foods...more on that later.


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