Fit Shaming is Real... WHY WE LOVE IT.

In today's world, you can be shamed for literally anything.  Hell, I'm sure someone out there has been shamed for tying their damn shoe.  Anyways the same applies for anyone who is fit, looks fit, is trying to get fit, was once fit, will one day be fit, thinks about fitness, eats something fit people would eat or is friends with someone considered fit.  

What does fit shaming consist of?  Would you be shocked if I would say I've been called: too skinny, to lean, to muscular, too healthy, obsessed, sick and the list goes on.  I've heard just as many other people from the fitness world catch just as much wrath for wanting to be a better athlete, living a fit lifestyle.  So, here's the deal...since when did it become okay to put down the people who actually are eating the foods your body needs?  The people who are being physically active so that their bodies and minds can reap the benefits.  Not to mention, the confidence people get after even just a short sweat session is completely worth it.  It is not okay, and in our opinion, never will be.  This is why we went ahead and changed our mindset on the subject and now we love to be fit shamed!

You heard that right, we LOVE it!  You're probably asking yourself "why in the hell would these crazy people enjoy it?"  Well you see, if someone is that bothered by the fitness industry and fitness people in general they are probably jealous or maybe just have never had the amazing opportunity to feel great about themselves after putting in the time and effort to eat healthy and be physically active.  When you look at it, could be their fault, could not...but there is nothing we can do about it other than change our stance.  WE LOVE IT BECAUSE THAT MEANS SOMEONE(S) HAS NOTICED THAT WE ARE FIT AND PARTAKE IN THE FITNESS WORLD!   When you really break it down fit shamers are connecting us with the fitness world, they relate you to fitness!  How awesome is that.  That means we look fit enough, eat nutritious enough, or in general represent fitness in a way that people notice!  That is something to be extremely proud of.

So the next time you find yourself either being fit shamed or faced with a fear of being fit shamed realize that you are the real winner!  YOU ARE WINNING!  So take it down to that sports bra and shorts, show off the hard work and dedication that you so rightfully earned.  KEEP IT UP!

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  • Muscle over Fat

    I love being fit shamed. It makes me feel great.

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