Get Comfortable saying NO. Let Us Explain...

A majority of America experiences peer pressure even as adults.  If you let them, even your friends and family with the best of intentions will send you on a detour from your personal health and wellness goals.  These are the ways we find ourself saying NO most often to those around us.  It is not to be rude, mean or miss out, but out of love.  Love for ourselves and our own health.  In order to truly show up for those around us we say no to these small moments to really enjoy the big moments with them.

1.  Dessert
This one happens a lot.  You may have been the one putting the pressure on someone at one point and did not even realize it.  Your mom, your grandma, your friend...inevitably someone made a sweet dessert they want to share.  While we're sure it tastes fantastic and you may even really really want to have a bite just politely say no thanks.  Don't be too surprised if the person gets offended or does not want to take no for an answer.  It make take more conversation about your goals and how this one piece of sugar bombed deliciousness causes a lot more harm to you than they may realize.

2.  Food in General
Barbecues, cookouts, potlucks, and dinner parties get increasingly difficult to participate in but not impossible.  While some events may have great food options, a majority will not.  Saying no to plates is a common thing at these gatherings and here are some tips to navigate the situations:

  • Eat a meal before going.  People are less likely to keep trying to make you eat if they know you just ate and are "full".
  • Plan in advance to take a dish (or two) you can and will eat.  It's always a nice gesture and will keep a plate with food on it in your hands, calling less attention to the lack of heaping piles on it.
  • If it's a group of people that know your goals and your food preferences, ask if they mind if you bring your own meal.  You can eat alongside everyone else, just the food you want.  We usually offer to bring a plate for anyone else that would like one too,  to date have had no takers though.
  • Keep it short.  If you're in and out just to drop in and say hi, it typically isn't too big of a deal if you skip on the meal.

While these may sound less than ideal to some of you, it's just a trade off.  Think of it as a minor trade to live the healthy and happy lifestyle calling your name.

3.  Dinner Out
This is one that depends on the place of choice to eat.  If it is somewhere that we know does not offer our version of healthy options we will just politely decline the dinner altogether. 

4.  The Group Fitness Classes
While this one may be a great option for some of you, we still tend to say no.  Not everyone has identical goals, metabolisms, body styles and nutritional why would your fitness regimen be the same as well?  That's just our take on it.  Some of you may really enjoy them.  That's great, we support you!  If you're just getting started this may be just what you need.  So do it.  For us, we just prefer the personalized intent from a solo workout plan.

Overall, food has and will continue to be the number one thing we say "no" to on a regular basis.  This helps us to maintain the healthy lifestyle that we strive for.  When these situations pop up keep this in mind.  Realize you're not alone, take a deep breath and carry on.  Remember, it's your goal not theirs.


Are there some things you find yourself saying NO to?  Just leave us a comment below!

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