Meet Dixie

Part of our mission is to help you "OWN YOUR PASSION".  There are so many different interests people have, and different paths they take to get there.  We wanted to learn more about some of our customers and fans.  What makes them smile, what goals are they chasing and what helps them to own it? 

We are kicking off the journey with a southern country girl who's personality bubbles more than champagne as she talks a mile a minute about her passion for photography.

What is your Passion and how did it come about?

DIXIE: My passion is photography.  I love shooting people; not literally, but with a camera.  I have always been fascinated by the art of photography.  Photos have so much meaning and are something that can be seen in so many different ways.  I started taking photos for people when I was a freshman in college and that is when i discovered I have a passion for people.  I love getting to know a person and their story.

Most memorable or funny moment at a shoot?

DIXIE: One of my favorite subjects to shoot are graduates.  High school or College.  I always get different requests; Can I bring my dog?  Can my significant other join? Can we do a specific pose? However, the funniest request that stands out is a request to bring a pet.  Cat.  I had no idea it was going to be a cat.  I showed up to the shoot expecting a dog and saw the cat.  I had no idea.  We ended up taking most of the pictures with her cat, and they ended up turning out great!  Sometimes curve balls are a good thing.

Pet cat showed up to the shoot.

What are your current obsessions (besides photography)?

DIXIE: I'm currently obsessed with The Office, white converse shoes (yes, specifically white), boyfriend jeans...and WAFFLES!

Why is nutrition important in your Photography pursuit?

DIXIE: Nutrition plays a direct role in my photography, because I have always have to be on my A-game. If my nutrition is off, I can't concentrate and my mind gets cloudy which directly impacts the images.  I can always tell which shoots I was hungry on, and which I was in the zone for.  My clients depend on my photos to bring them joy and memories in tangible form, the least I can do is make sure my nutrition is in check so that I am fully present for them.  I owe that to them.

What is your favorite NorthBound product, and how does it help you with your photography goals?

DIXIE: OOHHH my favorite NorthBound product is Blend. It was the very first product I tried. I love how I can drink Blend, have a ton of energy and never feel like I am going to crash. I always drink Blend before a shoot. I always want to be at my most creative and I know that when I drink Blend my creativity and energy will be one less thing to worry about.

What advice do you have for others about nutrition or the pursuit of their own passion?

DIXIE: My advice would be to stay consistent and to stick to it, never give up.  When you are craving something sugary to grab some BCAAs or Blend, I promise the craving will pass.  The calories won't. 


Below are some of Dixie's favorite images.  You can find more of her work at!  

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