BCAA²™ Whipped Snack Parfait


Have you met someone who does not like the taste and feel of a whipped snack?  We haven't.  So...we introduce to you a low calorie snack, flavored and sweetened with our sugar free BCAA²™ (Lunar Pop).  This is an absolutely delicious way to satisfy a sweet tooth.  

This recipe makes 1 serving, so if all of your buddies or family want some you may need to double, triple or more on the measurements.  No shame in tripling it for yourself once in awhile either!


1. Mix the Cool Whip and BCAA²™ in a small bowl, set aside. 

2. Crush up graham cracker, layer in half of it to the bottom of your glass or bowl.  We used a double shot glass and it worked perfectly.   

3.  Layer in half of the whipped mix on top of the graham cracker crumbles.

4.  Repeat steps 2 & 3.  

5.  EAT!

TIP:  To make layering of whipped mix easier, put in small ziplock baggie and cut the tip off once of the bottom corners.  You then just fill like it's icing.


    Stock up and you can make these snacks and more anytime.  Need to get some Lunar Pop BCAA²™ to make these?  Just click the link below!

    Enjoy!  Have an idea for a recipe?  We would love to hear it!  Email us at: support@northboundnutrition.com 

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