Quick and Easy Energy Froyo Bites


Everyone loves a good snack, do you agree?  You're more likely than not to find us eating here at NorthBound.  We all love to eat, snacks are no exception.  However, many people (including us) don't always have time to make elaborate, healthy and delicious meals.  Much less, snacks.  Just for some added punch, these bites contain our product "BLEND".  This gives you added sustainable energy for your day, while adding a delicious flavor.

This recipe just makes enough bites (depending on the size you make) for several days worth of snacks...or a single snack.  These were all devoured quickly around our office.


Other than the food ingredients, you will also need:

-Ziplock Bag


-Freezer Paper

-Rigid Surface (baking sheet, bread pan etc)


1. Mix the BLEND and yogurt.  We used plain, non-fat Greek yogurt

2.  Line rigid surface with freezer paper.  You'll be using this surface to freeze the froyo bites. 

3. Put mix into ziplock bag and cut one of the bottom corners off.  

4.  Squeeze mix downward in bag, toward the corner you cut.  When the mix is in the corner, start squeezing downward from the top onto the freezer paper.  We made ours by doing cute little circles (like icing a cupcake), but feel free to make any shapes or drawings on the tray you want!

5.  Freeze.  The amount of time depends on how frozen you want them.  We just stuck ours in overnight so that they were ready for the next day.

TIP:  Don't have a ziplock or feel like messing with it?  Use an ice cube tray and dump the mix into the tray.  

Enjoy!  Have an idea for a recipe?  We would love to hear it!  Email us at: support@northboundnutrition.com 

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