High Protein S'more Pops


Because...health.  Do we really need a reason to love these?  Seriously delicious, these summer treats won't leave you feeling like you need to hit the treadmill afterwards.  The best part is that it's super easy to customize the toppings.  Want sprinkles?  Great, add them.  Want chopped nuts?  Even better, add those too.  

This recipe made 5 pops, so 1 for you and 4 for me. 


1. You'll want to make the marshmallow pop part of this first, we'll go over the toppings next.  In a bowl, mix together the yogurt, milk and vanilla extract.

2.  In a separate bowl, mix together the protein and sweetener.  

3. Slowly add the dry ingredients (protein/sweetener) to the bowl of mixed wet ingredients, stirring in as you go.  You should have a nice creamy liquid when done.  If not, add a little bit more milk.

4. Have you Popsicle mold out and slowly pour the mix into the molds.

5. Freeze. 


1. Do this before you get your frozen marshmallow pops out of the freezer.  In a bowl, mix the coconut oil and cocoa.

2.  Slowly add in the sweetener while stirring. Now you are ready to add it to your pops!

3.  Lay out wax paper or a tray that you will want to sit the Popsicles on while working with them. 

4.  Have any toppings you're using ready to go.  For the S'MORE pop specifically we had crushed graham crackers in a bowl and mini dehydrated marshmallows in another bowl ready to go.

4.  Grab the frozen pops out of the freezer.  Easily slip them out by running some water over the mold to loosen them from the edges. 

5.  Dip them in the chocolate mix and then immediately dip them into the other toppings (or sprinkle other toppings on the chocolate).  The chocolate shell will dry pretty quick so you need to be fast.

6.  Until you're ready to eat them, go ahead and wrap them up in some freezer paper and stick them back into the freezer...otherwise you're going to have a big mess!  



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