Sparkling Berry Lemonade ENERGY


It's Friday afternoon, you should probably have a refreshing sparkling beverage this weekend.  Agreed?  We have a healthy but delicious mix for you to try...that comes with a powerful punch of energy and focus for whatever adventures await you.  You may want to just go ahead and turn it into a pitcher, otherwise your friends will probably just jack yours.  

This recipe just makes 1 drink, double, triple or quadruple if your friends are going to be around.


1. Mix the blueberries, BLEND and water in a blender...and blend together until desired consistency is reached.  We like little chunks of fruit in it, so didn't blend for quite as long.

2. Pour mix from blender into drinking glass.  Add the club soda and slowly mix.

4.  Sip and make the sound "ahhhhh"

TIP:  If you want  a stronger lemon flavor squeeze some fresh lemon in.  



    Grab some now!  It makes all the difference in the world, not only for taste but how incredible you will feel.  Win/win!

    Enjoy!  Have an idea for a recipe?  We would love to hear it!  Email us at: 

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