Making the Switch to Stand Up Pouches

Switching to Flexible Packaging: Why we are making the switch to stand up pouches

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is everything. From online shopping to food delivery services, you are constantly seeking products and solutions that make life easier. That's one reason why so many companies are switching to flexible packaging, specifically stand-up pouches.  We are also in the process of making the switch, for your convenience and reduce environmental waste.

One of the main advantages of stand-up pouches is their convenience factor. Unlike traditional rigid plastic containers and bottles, stand-up pouches are lightweight and easy to handle. Even better, they take up less storage space.  Imagine traveling with a pouch that can be stuffed easily in a corner, or a cabinet that can hold 15 various pouches instead of 5 tubs...sound pretty nice?  We think so too.

The flexibility of stand-up pouches not only benefits consumers but also reduces waste and is environmentally friendly. Unlike the rigid containers, stand-up pouches use fewer materials and are more compact, requiring less energy during transportation, production and storage. This means reduced carbon emissions and a smaller ecological footprint.  All the way through to the actual disposal after usage, it takes up a much smaller waste footprint.

We have not switched all of our products yet, so you may notice a mix of pouches and tubs for a little while until all are switched.  Just a heads up on why we are making the switch, and that the actual powder content remains unchanged.

Thanks for sticking around, we appreciate you!

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